Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners

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Advanced Concepts in Training 400m Runners

1. Pouring the Foundation

A. Talent ID & Testing
B. Event Specific Training Considerations

2. Training Phase Progressions

A. Fall Training
B. Late Fall and Early Winter
C. Winter and Championship Season

3. 400m Speed: Technique & Teaching

A. Blocks and Acceleration
B. Maximum Velocity & Floating

4. Strength & Power Development (Long Sprints)

A. Strength & Power Development

5. Ancillary Training & Topics

A. Mental Preparation
B. The Final Stretch

6. Sample Programs & Bonuses

1. Warmups and Circuits
2. 400 Meter Training with Marc Mangiacotti Handout (PowerPoint)
3. Annual Plan Template
4. 26 Week Annual Plan (workouts)
5. Weightroom Workouts (26 Weeks)
6. Energy Systems and Training 400m program
7. Testing-Chart



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