Finding & Fixing Fatal Flaws in Sprinters




  • I think that because Latif is now Resting In Peace; this site should be closed down because people are still paying money for information only Latif would give and we are not being refunded.

  • Good day coach,

    I purchased your program, “keys to program design”. However, I am receiving an error code stating that I have no access. Can you please assist me in resolving this issue. I am really disappointed as I was looking forward to going through this program after purchase.

  • Coach Thomas. I am having issues with the kids sprinting with a lot of backside mechanics this year. I also like to use the wicket drill to help them with their mechanics, but haven’t used the drill that you showed at the end of the video. It looks like it would be a great drill to help the kids. What spacing did you use for that drill? Would that spacing work for boys/girls? Thanks for your help.

  • Good morning from South Africa, Latif
    Thank you so much for your depth of knowledge and insight. Unfortunately many athletes have been socialized (by coaches and parents) into believing that mere numerous repetition of 100ms, 150ms etc. with little rest between reps with little feedback is “they way to go”.
    Therefore; it is challenging for coaches with alternate views who give more technical input to “win athletes over” in cities with various clubs and coaches. Perhaps it is a South African problem…

    • Hi Coach – We have the same problem with ‘old school’ know-it-alls here in the US as well. It’s not easy. The only thing you can do is build up the results and let those speak for themselves.

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