The Best of the CTF Clinic Sprints Group (2015)

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The Best of the CTF Clinic Sprints Group (2015)

1. Day 1 (AM Session) – Acceleration Development

A. Kebba Tolbert (Harvard University) – Flat Surface Accelerations & Progressions
B. David Cusano (Colby College) – Cusano Hurdle Push Drill
C. Gabe Sanders (Stanford University) – Half Start Set Up & Progressions

2. Day 1 (PM Session) – Maximum Velocity/Top End Speed

A. David Cusano (Colby College) – Wicket Drills
B. Kebba Tolbert (Harvard University) – Timed Fly Runs

3. Day 2 (AM Session) – 4x100m Relay Drills & Progressions

A. Kebba Tolbert (Harvard University) – 4×1 Essentials: (Starting technique, runner positioning & roles)
B. Gabe Sanders (Stanford University) – 4×1 Drills & Progressions
C. David Cusano (Colby College) – Full Exchanges on the Turn

4. Bonus Footage

A. Tony Veney (USATF Master Coach) – Full Starting Blocks Set Up, Drills, & Analysis
B. David Cusano (Colby College) – The Ultimate Group Warmup

5. Saturday Night Seminar Presentations

A. Tony Veney: Specific Performance Parameters for the 400m
B. Ron Grigg: Jump Drills Simplified