• Advanced Cross Country Training Symposium - Scott Christensen

HS Middle Distance (800-1600) Training

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HS Middle Distance (800-1600) Training Program

A.  Athlete and Event Profiling for the Middle Distance Events

B.  Training Modalities for the 800m and 1600m

C.  The Multi-Paced Training Scheme for the 800m and 1600m

D.  Key Workouts for Each Pace of the Multi-Paced Training Scheme

E.  Bonus Materials

1.  Preparation of the Elite Junior Middle Distance Runner
2.  Coach Christensen’s Video on How to Run the 800 Meter




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  • Hi Scott – I know that you must be an extremely busy person but I was wondering when your 3200m program was going to be ready? I used your 800m/1600m program this past year and had great success with my runners so I am really eager to look at your 3200m program. Thanks so much for all you do for our sport and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Rob Brenner

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