• Advanced Cross Country Training Symposium - Scott Christensen

Advanced Topics Symposium in Cross Country

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Advanced Topics Symposium in Cross Country

Section I: Advanced Topics in Training Theory

A. Introduction and History of Cross Country Running
B. Applying Scientific Theory to Training, Part 1: Adaptation
C. Applying Scientific Theory to Training, Part 2: The Fitness Paradox
D. Fatigue and Performance
E. Cross Country Training Theory

Section II: Advanced Topics in Program Design & Administration

A. Aerobic Training
B. Anaerobic Training
C. Training Schedules for the 5k

Section III: Team Building & Psychological Inventories

A. Team Dynamics
B. Psychological Inventories and Interventions

Section IV: Bonus Resources

A. High School Cross Country – Annual Plan Set Up (Template)
B. Endurance Diagnostic Chart
C. Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training – Annotated Bibliography
D. Speed, Strength, & Mobility Drills For Cross Country Development

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