Complete Program Design for the Jumps

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Complete Program Design for the Jumps

1. Laying the Foundation

A. Overview
B. Assembling a Training Inventory
C. Phases of Training

 2. The Warm Up

A. Warmup Components
B. Planning Warmups

 3. Run Training

A. Run Training Components
B. Assembling the Run Training Program

 4. Weight Training

A. Weight Training
B. Assembling Weight Training

 5. Multi Jumps & Multi Throws

A Multi Jump and Multi Throw Training
B. Assembling Multi Jump and Multi Throw Training

 6. General Training

A. General Training
B. Assembling General Training

 7. Planning Training

A. Planning Training Sessions
B. Organizing and Planning Training

  8. Ancillary Training Topics

A. Peaking and PreMeet Training Design
B. Sample Training Constructs

  9. Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Experienced Problems

10. Bonus Materials / Sample Training Constructs

1. Training Inventory (pdf)
2. Sample Training Microcyle Constructs (excel file)



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